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turnLeft turnRight

This level is extremely difficult. Would you like to skip it and go onto the next game? You can always come back later.
Blockly Games Puzzle Maze Bird Turtle Movie Music Pond Tutor Pond Genetics You solved this level with 1 line of JavaScript: You solved this level with %1 lines of JavaScript: Are you ready for level %1? Are you ready for the next challenge? Title: Save and link to blocks. Run the program you wrote. Run Program Stop the program and reset the level. Reset Help OK Cancel Logic Loops Math Text Lists Colour Variables Functions There was a problem with the request. Share your blocks with this link:\n\n%1 Sorry, '%1' doesn't correspond with any saved program. Could not load your saved file. Perhaps it was created with a different version of Blockly? Thank you for this program! If our staff of trained monkeys like it, they will publish it to the gallery within a couple of days. list text Once you start editing JavaScript, you can't go back to editing blocks. Is this OK? Blocks
move forward grip drop turn LED on turn LED off turn left turn right do else If-else blocks will do one thing or the other. if path ahead if path to the left if path to the right if has fruit repeat until Moves the player forward one space. Grip the object Drop the object Turns the player left or right by 90 degrees. Turns on / off LED If there is a path in the specified direction, then do some actions. If there is a path in the specified direction, then do the first block of actions. Otherwise, do the second block of actions. Repeat the enclosed actions until finish point is reached. You have %0 blocks left. You have %1 block left.{} You have %2 blocks left.{}